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Te Kahui Rongoa Update July 2015

Te Kahui Rongoa Panui 0715

Voices of Sacred Earth 27 February – 1 March 2015

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Evening with Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere – 7pm, 3 December 2014


Romiromi / Mirimiri Experience 4 & 5 December, Auckland

Te Rongopae is 2 week intensive traditional Maori bodywork program, taught by Atarangi Muru.

On December 4th & 5th students will be offering the public traditional Maori bodywork sessions (supervised) for $50 each.

The venue is Kawai Purapura, Albany, Auckland and bookings are essential.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity email Atarangi at or call Bill on 021 416 534 for appointments .


January Batwalks ($5) – Waitakere Ranges

Batwalks  2015


Discover the mysteries of these reclusive creatures as we search the sky at dusk. Luck is the name of the game with this and good eyes a must for their quick flying antics can sometimes make them a challenge to spot. After dark we head off along a bush track and the search begins for the other secretive creatures that inhabit the forest and streams of this unique area.


Dates: January 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28

Meet: Cascade/Kauri carpark, end of Falls Rd.

Time: 8.15pm (depending on date booked)

Bring: a detailed list will be sent upon booking

Duration: 2hrs approx

Cost: Adults $5.00   Children $2.00   Family (2 adults and 2 children) $12.00


Bookings essential: Spaces are extremely limited. Contact the Auckland Council Contact Centre ph (09)366 2000 Option 2 or the Arataki Visitor Centre (09) 8170089


I have participated in these excellent and very informative walks.  Well worth the effort and your $5 donation supports a great cause – Ark in the Park (look it up).  Donna.


Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 27 Feb – 1 March 2015

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015 (14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland)

(27 Feb to 1 March)

The 3rd annual Voices of Sacred Earth Festival focuses on natural health, environmental awareness, spiritual development and social responsibility. The Festival takes place at one of New Zealand’s most popular destinations for retreats, conferences and seminars, Kawai Purapura.

The Festival is at Albany on the North Shore, just 15 minutes from Auckland CBD. The underlying philosophy that guides Kawai Purapura’s development is one of harmonious living with the land, arising from an awareness of our oneness with all creation.

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival is a weekend of seminars, instructional workshops and performances which explore the many indigenous and cultural expressions and spiritualities that have evolved on our planet.

Local and international experts will present the seminars and workshops, while performers in the concerts will showcase the full flowering of these sacred arts.

Kawai Purapura is set in 19 acres of native NZ bush. Alongside the Festival events you can refresh your body and soul with bush walks, dips in the pool and healthy vegetarian feasts.

Workshops, seminars and displays will run from 9:00am until 5:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Examples include:

Indigenous shamanic healing practices

Rongoa — traditional Maori medicine

Performance, Dance, Poetry

Drumming and Jam Sessions

Taonga Puro — traditional Maori instruments

Kirtan, Sacred Chants and Gospel Music

Indigenous oral traditions

Music, Storytelling and Yoga for Children

PLUS: Friday and Saturday concerts: 7:00pm-your-energy-level :)

Our vision is to create a healing space wherein people can find their own potential for being well. This vision includes healing programmes for humans, animals, plants and all who live on mother earth.

Phone: (09) 415 9468

Te Waiwaia – Maori Healing Program January 2015

This 21 day residential program is a unique opportunity to learn about a blend of Maori healing modalities including rongoa Maori, Romiromi/Mirimiri, raranga, whakairo, taonga puoro, and sacred journeys.  It will be delivered and supported by a range of respected Maori healers from throughout the country.

More information can be found at





Te Rongopae – 14 day Maori bodywork training Nov 23 – 7 Dec 2014

TE RONGOPAE: A Clear Bright Horizon

Join Atarangi Muru on a very unique Maori Bodywork Training Event through Aotearoa, New Zealand, featuring the ancient arts of Romi Romi and Miri Miri.

This 14 day training includes body work training, cultural immersion, time with Maori Elders, accommodation, most meals, and private tours through the surrounding area.

Date: November 23rd ‐ December 7th 2014

Venue: Kawai purapura, Auckland, New Zealand

Registration: Spaces are limited.

$3,500.00 NZD before September 1st, 2014

$4,200.00 NZD after September 1st, 2014

Price does not include airfare to New Zealand

A 15% Goods & Service Tax will be applied

Visit for more information

Te Waiwaia – Traditional Maori Healing Program 2014

200 Hour course of 10 weekend modules throughout 2014

The program covers Rongoa Maori, Mirimiri/Romiromi, Taonga Puoro, Raranga, Whakairo, Sacred Journey.

Respected tutors include Atarangi Muru, Richard Nunns & Brian Flintoff, Ngaronoa Renata, Whetu-iti Silver, Kerry Strongman and Kauini Ruth Tai.

The full cost for the course is $3330 but the early bird price is $2995.  The majority of workshops will be held at Kawaipurapura, Albany, Auckland.

For further information go to

Titoki Rongoa Weekend Courses Spring 2014

There is a growing interest in traditional Maori Medicine – Rongoa Maori.

The biggest obstacle that most people have when learnning  the medicine is that they don’t know enough about the bush to be able to find the plants they need, let alone know how to collect them properly in a way that will not damage the tree, and then prepare them for medicine.  This needs to be done within the context of the tikanga (customs) that apply to Rongoa Maori.

These are the areas that will be covered in these four workshops:  Rongoa Maori 1, Rongoa Maori 2, Rongoa Maori 3; and Medicine Manufacture.  The courses will be run in the bush, working with the plants and observing the practices that are important to traditional healers.  The aim is to give participants a good foundation towards developing an understanding of Maori Medicine.

Tutors for these courses are Rob McGowan & Donna Kerridge.


Rongoa 3 1/2 November 2014 at Te Kauri Lodge, Kawhia $350

Rongoa 1:  date to be confirmed (Feb/March 2015) at Aongatete Lodge, Tauranga $150

Rongoa 2: date to be confirmed  (March/ April 2015)  at Waitaia Lodge, Lower Kaimais $300

*Medicine Manufacturing:  22/23 November 2014 at Karanga Camp, Waitakere Ranges, Auckland $270 (please note:  to do this workshop you must have previously completed 2 out of 3 of the Rongoa workshops.

For further information please contact Karen Tindall at  or go to